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Binissatí Finca – Best Wedding Venue in Mallorca Binissatí Finca

Your Dream Wedding in Mallorca:

Discover the Timeless Charm of Finca Binissatí.

Binissatí Finca – Best Wedding Venue in Mallorca Binissatí Finca
Binissatí Finca – Best Wedding Venue in Mallorca Binissatí Finca
Binissatí Finca – Best Wedding Venue in Mallorca Binissatí Finca

Your dream wedding venue in Mallorca

In the heart of Mallorca, where history breathes and nature whispers, lies Finca Binissatí—a cherished estate with over 500 years of captivating tales.

Surrounded by a spectacular oak forest, this Mallorcan haven has been lovingly cared for by the same family since 1510. Binissatí is not just a venue; it’s a living legacy, an ode to tradition, and a commitment to crafting weddings that transcend the ordinary.

Our philosophy revolves around creating moments that are not just memorable but utterly unique and unrepeatable. We believe in preserving Mallorcan tradition while embracing the modernity of celebrations, ensuring that each wedding is an unparalleled experience.

Imagine your wedding in a place where dreams meet reality. Binissatí, with its expansive grounds and rustic charm, caters to weddings of all sizes. The DIY philosophy allows you to dream, and we, in turn, bring those dreams to life.

With the perfect blend of privacy, authenticity, and a deep connection with nature, Binissatí becomes your corner of the island. From the ceremony in the heart of the estate to receptions under the stars, every moment is curated to perfection. Join us in the independent Republic of your wedding, where Binissatí becomes the canvas for your unique love story.

A Romantic and Rustic Oasis

At Finca Binissatí, we don’t just host weddings; we craft love stories that unfold in the enchanting embrace of Mallorca’s timeless beauty. Imagine exchanging vows under the dappled sunlight filtering through ancient oak trees, their branches whispering tales of centuries gone by. Our commitment to crafting love stories begins with the picturesque settings we offer, each corner adorned with the rustic charm that defines Binissatí.

For couples dreaming of a destination wedding in the heart of Mallorca, Binissatí opens its arms wide.

Our audience spans the globe, welcoming couples from the USA, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, the UAE, and beyond.

These are not just weddings; they are immersive experiences designed for those who seek the extraordinary.

Whether you envision an intimate celebration or a grand affair, Binissatí caters to your desires.

Beyond the ceremony, we understand the importance of pre and post-wedding events, offering a complete package of privacy, personalized experiences, and the unparalleled beauty of Mallorca.

Imagine this...

Binissatí Finca – Best Wedding Venue in Mallorca Binissatí Finca

Embrace of Nature:

Picture a romantic ceremony in the heart of nature, surrounded by the lush greenery of our oak forest. Here, the symphony of leaves rustling in the breeze and the sweet melodies of birds overhead become the soundtrack to your love story. Our estate provides a canvas where the rustic meets the romantic, creating an atmosphere that feels both intimate and grand.

Binissatí Finca – Best Wedding Venue in Mallorca Binissatí Finca

Sunset Soirées:

As the day transforms into night, our venue becomes a canvas for the most magical moments. Sunset soirées under the vast Mallorcan sky, with hues of pink and gold painting the horizon, set the stage for a romance that transcends time. Binissatí becomes a haven where the warmth of love and the rustic elegance of the surroundings converge in a dance of pure enchantment.

Binissatí Finca – Best Wedding Venue in Mallorca Binissatí Finca

Intimate Dinners:

To add a touch of intimacy, our venue offers spaces for private dinners that celebrate the union of hearts. Whether it’s a rustic banquet in the open air or an intimate gathering in the heart of the estate, we tailor each experience to your unique love story. The flickering glow of candles and the scent of Mediterranean blooms create an ambiance that is both romantic and deeply rooted in the Mallorcan tradition.

Binissatí Finca – Best Wedding Venue in Mallorca Binissatí Finca

Starry Nights:

As the night deepens, Binissatí transforms into a canvas of starlit romance. Underneath the twinkling canopy, share your first dance as a married couple or steal away for a quiet moment together. Our estate becomes a sanctuary where the rustic allure of the surroundings enhances the romance of the night, creating memories that linger like the stars above.

Not just a venue...

Finca Binissatí is not just a venue; it’s a tapestry where rustic charm and romantic dreams intertwine. We invite you to let us craft your love story, turning each moment into a chapter that unfolds in the timeless embrace of Mallorca’s beauty. Welcome to a wedding experience where every detail is infused with love, and every corner tells a tale as old as Binissatí itself.

About us

I am Tomeu Siquier, Manager of Finca Binissatí.

In this picture you see me celebrating the golden wedding anniversary of my parents in the historic forest of Binissatí. I think this picture sums up quite well the love we feel for this estate in the family.

Binissatí is a historic «Possessió» of 86 hectares that has belonged to the Siquier family since 1510. This is where the farm has always been run and where an important flock of sheep has always been tended.

I have inherited my love for this farm from my father, who has taken care of it all his life.

My philosophy is to organize weddings and private events always trying to keep the Mallorcan tradition intact.

The origin of this adventure took place almost 10 years ago, when I decided to get the finca ready to celebrate the first wedding in Binissatí, mine!

From that moment on, I turned my life around both personally and professionally. I left my job to focus solely and exclusively on the Finca. Since then I dedicate my day to day to offer closeness, help, professionalism, quality service, flexibility and above all absolute privacy to disconnect and make unique and personalized experiences.

I am the eighteenth generation taking care of the farm, this is more than a legacy, it is a pride of which I feel immensely fortunate.

As I always say, I try to take care of Binissatí like a father to live the emotions that are lived here as a child.
Living from a hobby in a luck that you have to work every day.

Binissatí is the independent Republic of our house. And if you are getting married… you already know.
Welcome to the independent Republic of your wedding!


Binissatí Finca – Best Wedding Venue in Mallorca Binissatí Finca
Binissatí Finca – Best Wedding Venue in Mallorca Binissatí Finca


Binissatí Finca – Best Wedding Venue in Mallorca Binissatí Finca

Dreams come true

Let The Magic Begin!

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Within 24 hours after receiving your information, we will contact you to discuss everything you have in mind, find out more about you, and answer any questions you may have.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Our 2023 and 2024 agenda it close to be closed. Please send us your information as soon as possible for you to have the most magical and romantic venue you can dream of!

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